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The Quick Pistol Disarm: An Aiki-Jujitsu Method

By Prof. Gene Roos

Editor’s Note: This one in a continuing series of articles showing various hand gun disarm techniques designed to illustrate the diversity of approaches and techniques taught today. does not recommend any particular method, but readers may find one technique that meshes with their own training and meets their own capabilities.

There are a lot of hand gun disarm techniques that are taught today. The aiki-jujitsu method that I teach, illustrated below, doesn’t require superior strength, and by using an arc step to one side, the defender uses his whole body weight (instead of just using the hands as found in some techniques) to engage the wrist lock to throw the attacker. This action gives the defender extreme power.

Defender waving his hands (the eyes cannot perceive movement from moving hands) and saying don't shoot.

Defender moves his left hand on the side of the attacker's gun and at the same time moves his body to the attacker's right side.

The defender takes a right counter-clockwise circular step in between the attacker's feet while turning the gun at the attacker.

Defender wrist locks the attacker's right hand and turns the gun at the attacker's throat (bringing him to the ground.)

When confronted with a hand gun pointed at your chest, either touching it or held close, immediately raise your hands and act in a scared, passive and cooperative manner. If there is time, say something (and you will hear this with most disarm techniques) like, ”Hey, hey – I don’t want any trouble. What do you want.” Give the impression that you are no threat.

In this technique the arms are raised higher than the handgun and to the side, but don’t keep them still. Wave them side to side – this looks like you are extremely nervous and afraid – a repetitive motion that lulls the attacker’s peripheral vision (normally attuned to pick up any movement) into inattention. This will initially hide the defensive move of your hands forward and down to seize the wrist and gun – left hand on the side of the attacker’s gun, right positioned to grab the gun.

This is done as the defender moves his body to the attacker’s right. This positions the defender off line –outside any possible line of fire. As the right hand makes contact with the gun, the defender then moves in the opposite direction (counter clockwise) using what is called an arc step. The right foot moves forward and to the side in a circular motion or arc (the other foot pushing off), followed by the left foot – the whole body moving together.

This is a very powerful move since the defender is using his whole body weight (instead just the hands, which are weaker) to engage the wrist lock to throw the attacker.

This defensive technique is simple, and it gives the defender a good chance of being able to execute it without requiring a lot of arm/hand strength.

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About the Author:

Prof. Gene Roos, 10th dan Ju Jitsu, and 4th dan in judo, is a member of the Board of Directors for the America Ju Jitsu Association. He is a frequent contributor to In 1958 was awarded Shodan (Judo) and won the Regional Judo Champion. In 1958 & 1959 was Judo State Champion. His instructors include: Harold Brosious (Ketsugo), Dennis Palumbo (Hakko Ryu Ju Jitsu, 8th Dan), George Kirby, & Shizuya Sato (Ju Jitsu), Wally Jay (Small Circle Ju Jitsu), Dr. Sacharnoski (Hard Style Ju Jitsu & Ki) and Master Mochizuki (a student of Funakoshi, Kano, & Ueshiba). He is also the author of a series of upcoming books on Aiki jujitsu as well as a number of videos including: "Aiki Jujitsu" (a three video tapes series with manuals); "Deadly Attacks" (defense against 30 knife, gun, stick and empty hand attacks); "Deadly Attacks- part II" (defense against an additional 30 knife, gun and empty hand attacks); "Deadly Attacks III" and "Devastating Throws and Other Deadly Attacks " (defense against 30 advanced combat throws, knife attacks, stick, and a rear shotgun attack), For more information see:

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