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The Japanese term "Hara," means belly and refers to the abdominal center which is considered man's physical and energetic core. In anatomical terms it includes the area of the stomach, bowel, other organs and nerve complexes. They account for much of the essential metabolism functions of the human body. Physically it is also the body's center of gravity and is considered the local of strength and power -- serving as the link between out legs (rooted to the earth) and hips and upper torso. Energetically it is in the area just below the navel (dan tien also know as the tanden) that body vital energy or ki (chi in Chinese) is developed, concentrated and stored. It is abdomin that the deepest and most natural breathing is centered.

By Christopher Caile

Harageri is the integration of inner control and calm in the hara combined with Ki (chi) energy that is sought as a foundation and prerequisite for effective control or interaction with either an opponent or circumstances of life. The concept acknowledges the importance of a psychological base to enhance physical activity, especially within a combative, emotional confrontation. Haragei involves a coming together of the non-physical aspects of mind, spirit and energy with the body aspects of power, center of gravity and movement - all centered on the hara, or more specifically the one point (sekika no tandan just below the navel internal to the body). The end goal is to harmonize and free the warrior for action by eliminating thoughts, emotions, tensions, hesitation or thoughts of the self (no mind or mushin) or any specific attention (fixed focus) which interferes with perception, intuition and awareness or inhibited reflexive action, courage, spirit or total commitment to action (fudoshin) heightened by the release and free flow of vital energy (ki).

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