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Martial Arts: Injury Prevention and Treatment

Putting On Boxing Gloves

By Christopher Caile

Why do you need an article on putting on boxing gloves? Isn't it really simple?

Well, yes and no. It's simple but if you don't do it right, you can't make a proper, secure fist inside the glove and this can lead to injury -- not to the other guy, but to your own hand.

You should ideally start by wrapping your hand with a long strip of stretchy cloth called a hand wrap. Hand wrapping secures the bones, joints and ligaments of the hand and helps distribute the shock of punching. See article "How To Wrap Your Hands."

Gato Figueroa holds one glove at the top (the glove facing downward) as Christopher Caile inserts his open hand down into the glove. It is shown hand wrapped.   Caile then presses downward to drive his finger tips into the glove fully so when a fist is made the glove will fit snuggly, without any play or vacant space.

Then comes the glove. Pictured are boxing gloves with a Velcro loop of cloth that wraps around the wrist, securing the glove. Another type of glove has laces. Either is good but neither affects the message of this article - getting a proper, secure fit. If you do not start with a hand wrap, try to limit the maximum power of your punch. The glove cushions the impact but can't secure the hand and distribute impact as the wrap does.

Now press down, putting a little of your weight behind your forearm, wrist and hand as it drives all the way into the glove, not leaving any space at the bottom. This insures a firm, secure fit.

The key here is not just to push your hand loosely into the glove, but to push your hand as far as possible into the glove.

In the pictures above my boxing trainer, Gato is holding the gloves at the top. If you are doing it yourself, you can hold one glove with your other hand, the glove pressed against your chest  as you insert the other. Then you can hold the second glove in a similar way, using your gloved hand.

If it is a boxing glove you will feel a seam (some old style gloves have a bar) running across the bottom of the glove where the fingers fold.  It is important to get your finger joints deep enough below this seam so when you form a fist, the fingers curl around this seam. Then secure the wrist depending on the type of glove, either by the Velcro or laces. Now you are ready.

If you put on your gloves correctly they will help cushion impact. But remember that a glove, even when the hand inside is supported with a wrap, can't save you from yourself. Good structure and bone alignment is also important. If you hit incorrectly you can still get injured as many professional boxers will attest, but this is the subject of another article.

Good punching.

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