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Body Mechanics

A Simple Lesson in Body Mechanics
By Christopher Caile

A mistake made by many karate-ka and other martial artists is improper pelvis and hip alignment in their front leaning stance.

A Simple Lesson In Body Mechanics: Are You Losing Power In Your Punch?
By Christopher Caile

Here is a simple test to find out if you are losing power in your punches and not knowing it.

Seiza: The Kneeling Posture
By Christopher Caile

This simple kneeling position used throughout the martial arts had for the samurai warrior a deeper meaning that just proper etiquette, its roots were tied to self-defense.

The Hips Have It
By Christopher Caile

(With Added Commentary by George Donahue)
In karate, taekwondo and kung fu what you don't do with your hips is sometimes just as important as what you do with them.

An Old Okinawan Karate Secret? The Double Bone Block
By Ron van de Sandt

Were these modified blocks only taught to senior Okinawan students to give them an advantage?

The Basic Punch -Alignment Can Help Or Hurt You
By Bruce Everett Miller, PA-C

A critical element of the basic punch is learning the correct mechanics so you don?t injure yourself while striking.

Ask the Teacher - Hitting Correctly
By Christopher Caile

When punching upward with a twist punch my fist hits incorrectly on the middle joints. How can I solve this problem?

Hidden Arches: The Gateway To Mastery
By Jeff Brooks

The principle which we call arches is part of a sophisticated system of movement and knowledge of body architecture which was fundamental to pre-modern karate.

Making A Fist
By George Donahue

You would be surprised by how many martial artists make the same basic mistake in forming a fist, a mistake that could hurt them more in a fight than their opponent.

Viewpoint: How to be Strong
By Jeff Brooks

People who do well in martial arts are not necessarily the ones with the most talent, strength, speed, aggression, experience or even will power. They are the ones with the greatest faith in the efficacy of their own actions.

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