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Pressure Points

Kyushojutsu: Basic Theory
By Joe Swift

The basic theory behind the ancient Okinawan art of striking vital points or Kyushojutsu.

Kyushojutsu: Historical Development
By Joe Swift

A brief history and overview of the development of this ancient Okinawan art of striking vital points.

The Thread That Binds
By Rick Clark

At higher levels, many martial arts, such as karate, judo, and aikido include techniques characteristic of other arts, but they also share another common thread -- knowledge of vital points that enhance the capabilities of each system.

The Case For Vital Points
By Rick Clark

Knowledge of vital points and how to use them can be a great equalizer if your are attacked by someone who is larger and stronger.

What's The Point? Speculations On the First Move From Pinan Kata Two, Pressure Points And The Reality Of The Death Touch
By Ronald van de Sandt

Can the age old questions about vital points, pressure points and/or dim mak be answered through an analysis of the first move from Pinan kata two?.

The Wall of Silence
By Rick Clark

The true meaning of kata has been neglected and it is critical that it be rediscoved.

Viewpoint - Too Much Ado About Pressure Points
By Stan Hart

In my view the essence of martial arts is not about pressure points, but instead the ability to attain control, then maneuver yourself and/or your opponent into position to do an effective technique.

Viewpoint - Vital Points or Vital Principles?
By Keith Morgan

I would even suggest that the majority practiced today are closer to "Leisure Arts" than Martial Arts, and for many reasons.

Delayed Death Touch: Instructions to the Coroner of China Reveal Knowledge of Vital Points
By Rick Clark

This ancient Chinese Coroner?s text is provocative for it notes vital points that work immediately, but also those which can cause death at a later time.

Pressure Points 1: Going to the Heart Of Pressure Points - What They Really Are
By Bruce Everett Miller, PA-C

Some people don?t believe in pressure points because they don?t know, how and when to use them, or they don?t understand that some of them work on different principles.

Pressure Points 2: Some Observations On Their Use
By Bruce Everett Miller, PA-C

While some types of pressure points are always effective, these same points are also the most difficult to access.

Pressure Points 3: Types Of Points
By Bruce Everett Miller, PA-C

By understanding the underlying mechanism for each type of pressure point you will unlock the secrets of their use.

Acupuncture And Martial Arts - A Question Of Influence
By David Bock

Did those in kung fu and other martial arts who study various areas of the body to strike take their knowledge from Traditional Chinese Medicine or was it the other way around?

Reverse Engineering: A New Approach To finding Ancient Chinese Strike Points: Part 1
By David Bock

Ancient Chinese herbal formulas for trauma are rich sources of information. If understood they can point to possible secret energy striking points once used by Chinese martial arts masters.

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