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Shintani, Masaru (1927- )

Shintani Sensei was born February 3, 1927 in Vancouver, BC Canada (Shintani and Reid, 1998) to Japanse parents who had immigrated there. Shintani Sensei's mother, Tsuruye Shintani, was a daughter of the Matsumoto Samurai family. He gained early training in a number of Japanese martial arts, including eventual ranks in Judo (sandan), Aikido (shodan), and Kendo (shodan). During the Second World War, Shintani Sensei and his family were placed in a west coast Japanese-Canadian internment camp. This is where he met one of his early karate influences, Mr. Kitagawa, who had trained in Shuri-te style karate under Sokun Matsumura and Anko Itosu. After close to a decade of training wth Mr. Kitagawa, Shintani Sensei was awarded rukudan in Shorin style karate.

Shintani Sensei competed extensively in Japan in the 1950's, and it was at this time that he first met Hironori Otsuka. Shintani Sensei began training with Shihan Otsuka, and did so for well over a decade, becoming a senior student. By 1968, Otsuka Sensei "...appointed Masaru Shintani as head of all Wado Karate-do in North America and conferred on him the title of "Supreme Instructor" (Shintani and Reid, 1998). In 1979, Otsuka Sensei graded Shintani Sensei to 8th degree, hachidan, in Wado karate, and presented him with his 9th degree, kudan certificate for future use.

The Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation (SWKKF) centered in hishome in Hamilton, Ontartio, is presently one of the largest martial arts organization under a single style in North America.

Reproduced with permission from the website Wado Kai - North America: (Edited for punctuation and clarity)

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