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Common Commands & Responses

(Japanese to English)

Arigato gozaimasu: (J) thank you.
Domo arigato gozaimasu: (J) thank you very much.
Gomen nasai: (J) (an apology) I'm sorry,
Hajime: (J) begin.
Hantai: (J) perform on opposite side.
Ima: (J) now.
Ki o tsuke: (J) attention, pay attention, stand at attention.
Kotai: (J) (1) change or switch (as in partners, or offense/defense in two man drills such as yakusoku kumite), (2) retreat or move backwards.
Magatte: (J) turn 90 degrees.
Maitta: (J) I give up.
Matte: (J) stop, wait.
Mawatte: (J) turn.
Mokuso: (J) meditation (close eyes & clear the mind).
Mokuso yame: (J) end of meditation (open eyes).
Naotte (or Naore): (J) return to ready position at end of drills kata.
Osu: (J) I understand, yes, thank you, hello.
Otagai ni rei: (J) bow to each other.
Rei: (J) bow. Also used in conjunction with Kiacho, Shihan, Sensei, or Senpai, as in, Sensei ni rei, as well as other designations.
Seiza: (J) sit, kneel down.
Senpai ni rei: (J) bow to your senpais
Sensei ni rei: (J) bow to the sensei(s).
Shin zen ni rei: (J) bow to the shin zen (spiritual center)
Shomen ni rei: (J) bow to the front
Shitsurei shimasu: (J) excuse me
Shugo: (J) line up.
Tatte: (J) Stand up.
Ura: (J) signifies turning motion.
Yame: (J) stop, end, finish.
Yasume: (J) Relax, rest. (at ease)
Yoi: (J) ready, get ready to begin.

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