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Guns, Knives and Edged Weapons

The Knife - Weapon Of Fear: Part 1 - Assessing The Threat
By R. J. Nash

Knowing the type of knife attacker you face goes a long way in determining how you should react.

Defeating A Knife To The Neck
By Christopher Caile

A knife pressed against your neck is very scary, but if your life is on the line there is a lot you can do to defeat this attack.

The Reality Of Edged Weapon Attacks
By Lloyd De Jongh

What people really face from an edged weapon attack is a far cry from the many misconceptions shared by so many.

No Holds Barred: Defense Against A Straight Stab
By Eli Bitran

In any defense, the initial counter move should be combined with a simultaneous counterattack that continues relentlessly until the attacker is completely subdued, unconscious or unable to continue.

Defending Against An Ice Pick Stab
By Prof. Gene Roos

Some knife defenses are safer than others and I prefer an approach that won?t get me killed.

Defending Against An Ice Pick Stab #2
By Prof. Gene Roos

Two more defenses against an ice pick attack illustrate the principle of avoidance.

Defeating A Downward Knife Stab:An Introduction To Kata-Part 1
By Christopher Caile

This knife defense that once saved my life is one that you may have practiced thousands of times without knowing it.

Shot At Point Blank Range: Lessons From The Street
By Christopher Caile

This front page and TV news saga of gun violence provided viewers with some first rate lessons on survival.

Grab And Downward Knife Attack
By Prof. Gene Roos

Although not the hallmark of a professional, the downward overhead strike with a fist, knife, bottle or club is often used by an emotionally charged person who lashes out to hurt or injure you.

Sudden Violence: Are You Prepared? Four Case Studies
By W.R. Mann

Most people are not prepared for violence on the street. Here are some case studies of violent street confrontations and the mistakes people made that made the situations go so wrong.

Examining Knife Instruction for Civilians
By W.R. Mann

If your knife defense training has been confined to the typical single thrust or slash attack, and ?I will hold it there until you do something? method, Mann?s training will be both eye opening and scary.

When A Stickup Might Get You Killed: The Universal Quick Pistol Disarm
By Christopher Caile

You never want to have to argue with a pistol, especially one pressed into you. If it is money they want, give it to them. Don?t argue, don?t fight. But if you are convinced that your life is at stake, that the gunman will shoot you no matter what, you just might want to know this technique.

The Quick Pistol Disarm: An Aiki-Jujitsu Method
By Prof. Gene Roos

The advantage of this method is that even a small and weak person can use it against a much larger stronger attacker.

Picking Your Poison: Choosing The Right Gun Disarm
By Christopher Caile

Over many years of practice I have been introduced to and practiced many different hand gun disarm techniques. Some will work some of the time. Others will work almost all the time. Choose wisely.

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