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Injury Prevention and Treatment

Martial Arts Trauma: Dealing With Bone Bruises
By Bruce Everett Miller, PA-C

One of the more frequent encounters we have all had while sparring is striking our opponent and getting a bone bruise.

Hamstring Injuries
By Mark Jenkins, MD

Simple advice on what to do if you have suffered a hamstring injury.

Mouth Guards: Self-Defense For Your Teeth: Part 1 ? Off The Shelf Models
By Len Sclafani

For those in karate, or any form of contact sport, inexpensive off-the-shelf mouth guards are your first line of defense in saving your teeth from damage.

Self-Defense For Your Teeth, Part 2: Custom & Speciality Mouth Guards
By Len Sclafani

While more expensive, custom mouth guards that are molded to your teeth give you the best protection, tend to stay in place and allow you to breath more easily.

New Hip Replacement Alternative
By Christopher Caile

A new orthopedic innovation used as an alternative to traditional hip replacement offers the potential benefits of being longer lasting, offering a greater range of motions, less chance of hip dislocation and greater hip stability.

Recovering From Hip Surgery: It?s Not What I Expected
By Christopher Caile

I expected to be up on a walker quickly after my surgery, but there was also a lot I didn?t expect and a few surprises too.

Martial Arts: Pain Relief Presure Points For Martial Artists
By David Bock

When karate, taekwondo, kung fu students and other martial artists think about pressure points they are thinking about strike points to injure, cause pain or reflexive action. Some points, however, do the opposite; they relieve pain in the hands, feet, knees and shoulders.

Treating Old Injuries
By David Bock

Martial artists often have old and lingering physical problems that might be helped by Traditional Chinese Medicine. While TCM uses terms that are unfamiliar to most readers, its ancient insights and treatments can often be helpful when Western medicine fails.

Tight Shoulders: An Old Treatment from China
By David Bock

Tight shoulders can hinder your hand techniques in karate, kung fu, taekwondo or other martial arts. Here an old Chinese treatment for this condition.

How To Wrap Your Hands: For Boxing, Kick Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Karate and Other Contact Punching Arts
By Christopher Caile

Hand Wrapping isn't for cushioning the hands. It's role is one of support - to secure loose joints and moveable bones to limit possible injury. It helps distribute the shock of impact across the entire hand and wrist.

Putting On Boxing Gloves
By Christopher Caile

Putting on a boxing glove may seem simple, but if you don't do it right it can lead to injury -- not to the other guy, but to you own hand.

Hydration - Its effects on the Martial Artist and Athlete
By George W. Alexander

Many martial artists give little attention to proper hydration thinking that a hard workout won't effect them, even if it is hot. They don't realize that danger lurks, especially if they are older.

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