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Kata and Applications

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Channan: The
By Joe Swift

The series of five basic kata called Pinan (later renamed Heian in Japan) are probably the most widely practiced kata in karate today, but were they based on an earlier kata known as Channan?

Kata, Bunkai And Calligraphy
By George Donahue

Should karate kata applications should be practiced outside karate kata exactly as they are performed in the kata, or whether they should be modified to meet variations in the situation

Kata As The Foundation Of Practice
By Christopher Caile

It was a secret old Chinese family fighting art within which kata served as the foundation of practice.

'Yoi' & The First Preparatory Moves Of Kata
By Christopher Caile

The 'yoi' (the command often used in Japanese karate to signal getting ready to do a kata) and can be quite subtle or large depending on the style and system.

Roots Of Shotokan: Funakoshi's Original 15 Kata - Part 1: Classification & Knowledge Of Kata
By Joe Swift

Funakoshi's classification and selection of kata determined that his karate represented both sides of the Okinawan karate tradition.

Roots Of Shotokan: Funakoshi's Original 15 Kata - Part 2: Pinan, Naihanchi, Kushanku & Passai Kata
By Joe Swift

The surprising meaning and origin of Shotokan's Pinan, Naihanchi, Kushanku & Passai Kata kata.

Roots Of Shotokan: Funakoshi's Original 15 Kata - Part 3: Seisan, Wanshu, Chinto, Jitte & Jion Kata
By Joe Swift

While their origin is obscure these kata are among the most important to the system.

On Kata - 4
By FightingArts Readers

Do you have a good application for this kata move seen in Pinan three (Heian) and several other forms?

On Kata - 1
By FightingArts Readers

If you have a good application for this first move from Pinan (heian) four, we would like to hear from you.

On Kata - 2
By FightingArts Readers

Do you have a good application for this move common to several Pinans (Heians)?

On Kata - 3
By FightingArts Readers

Do you have a good application for this kata move seen in Pinan (Heian) two and several other forms?

Unraveling The Mysteries Of The Nafadi Tradition: Its Kata
By Joe Swift

While we don't know the original Nafadi curriculum we can make some educated guesses based upon some evidence and data, as well as the kata of this tradition.

Reflections On The Shape Of Kata
By Victor Smith

I have grown to think of kata in terms of shape -- the living interpretation of the movement and technique pressed into a student by his teacher.

Yin, Yang Mind: Esoteric Thoughts On Kata
By Jeff Brooks

Looking at kata in a different way may lead to a new understanding.

On Kata - 5
By FightingArts Readers

Do you have a good application for this move seen in a number of karate kata?

Hidden in Plain Sight: Rediscovering The Wealth Of Kata
By Jeff Brooks

Although much of the oral tradition of kata has been lost, much of its knowledge has been reverse-engineered and re-discovered.

Are Kata Bilateral?
By Rick Clark

Why do most kata include more right sided techniques than left?

Right Before Your Eyes: Applications From Isshinryu Karate?s Seisan Kata
By Don Sorrell

In karate kata sometimes a block is not a block and a preparatory move is the meat of a technique.

How A Technique From Tensho Kata Saved My Life On The Street
By Glenn Cunningham

Most karate students don?t understand the applications in their kata, but on this day one of them saved my life.

Why Kata Is Important
By Jason Armstrong

Too many karate-ka today relegate kata to a secondary status behind practice of free fighting. In my view this is a mistake because it represents a profound misunderstanding of kata?s role and purpose.

The Three Battles of Sanchin
By Al Case

Within Sanchin are horizontal and vertical circle techniques which describe a mathematical ?X, Y, Z? control of the space around you through basic blocks. What?s interesting is that you can combine them. They will meet any potential situation.

Sanchin Kata Fundamentals
By Kris Wilder

Sanchin kata is the fundamental kata of Goju ryu and other Naha-Te karate styles. While it looks basic and simple, in reality it takes years to master. Here are some basics.

Thoughts On Karate Kata And Their Applications
By Victor Smith

What is karate bunkai or applications? Over a lifetime of karate study I have learned a lot.

How to Get Faster, Without Trying
By George Donahue

When practicing kata or forms in karate, taekwondo or kung fu here are a few simple methods to dramatically increase the speed of your response and technique.

Sanchin, Shime, and Hard Impact
By Kris Wilder

The old method of Shime or hard hitting testing of a karate practitioner performing sanchin kata, is really a modern effectuation. In the old days teachers instead built up load on specific body areas. Although not as dramatic as hitting, this method was more effective for teaching.

By David A. Hall

In the classical martial traditions (koryu), not all kata were equal.

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