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Security and Law Enforcement

Multiple Assailant Training
By George Demetriou

The basics of a multiple assailant strategy is learning to how to cause chaos without becoming a part of it.

The Lion and the Gazelle: Criminal Behavior & You
By Martin Henson

Knowledge of the tactics and rituals of criminal attackers and how they select and exploit their victims will help you understand that at any time you may be stalked.

Releasing The Grip: Using Pressure Points To Assist In A Handcuffing
By Prof. Gene Roos

Restraining and getting physical compliance from an assailant doesn?t always require brute force if police officers know proper technique and use of pressure points.

Viewpoint - Crazy Security: Serving Up Ready Weapons On The Plane
By Christopher Caile

Imagine my surprise that after going through airport gate security the airline itself handed out metal utensils, including a knife, with their dinner meal.

Thwarting Terrorist Bombing And Other Threats: Part 1 - Awareness
By Lawrence Kane

Always listen when you feel fear or any intuitive signal, and then take action as appropriate. When you don't feel fear, on the other hand, don't manufacture it. If you find yourself creating worry, explore it and discover why.

Thwarting Terrorist Bombing And Other Threats: Part 2 ? Conditions and Threats
By Lawrence Kane

Terrorists strike in many ways from remotely controlled car bombs to suicide bombers.

The Voice of Authority ? Part 1:Giving New York?s Finest an Edge: Verbal Judo
By Christopher Caile

It's called Tactical Communication, but it really a method of verbal judo where NYPD?s finest are taught how to effectively communicate when dealing with civilians so to reduce emotion, intransigence and prompt civilian compliance

The Voice of Authority ? Part 2:Tactical Communications Training
By Christopher Caile

Teachers of NYPD?s Tactical Communications programs use a variety of techniques to ingrain skills of psychology and communication in its highly diverse police force ? components which parallel training that many traditional martial artists experience.

The Voice of Authority ? Part 3: Tactical Communications and Its Components
By Christopher Caile

Similar to the NYPDs Tactical Communications program for police officers, traditional martial artists too develop a mind set, temperment and relational skills to effectively communicate with others, reduce potential conflict and aid in resolution of problems.

Defeating a Grab for the Gun
By Gene Roos

When an officer is making an arrest, dealing with suspicious individuals or escorting a defendant he or she is always at risk of a sudden attack, gun or weapon?s grab.

An Introduction to Force Decisions: Part 1- The Reality of Defense Against Evil Force
By Rory Miller

When faced with evil, violent people appeasement doesn't work. Neither does bribery, pay- offs or peaceful resistance. The only defense is good people who are more skilled at violence.

An Introduction to Force Decisions: Part 2 - The Only Effective Means to Stop Extreme Violence.
By Rory Miller

Modern societies have been forced to create professions, soldiers and police, authorized to use force in the name of and for the benefit of society as a whole. They are needed when social rules, the way most of us agree things should be, are being ignored and have failed to work.

Who Are The Good Guys
By Jeff Brooks

A cop story and how law enforcement philosophy and outlook fits the precepts of his role as karate teacher and practitioner of Zen.

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