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The Business Side of Martial Arts

Budo and Business: Dispelling A Myth . . .
By Gary Gabelhouse

A tragic myth in the martial arts is that good business practices and commercial success is often equated with negative attributes.

Creating A Business Plan: Taking the Offense Against Competition
By Terry L. Bryan

Surviving in today's competitive martial arts world takes planning and a critical first priority should be a business plan -- a few basics.

Are Your Students Draining Away?
By Christopher Caile

Here is a formula to help you determine if your martial arts school is losing too many students.

Why Students Quit
By Gary Gabelhouse

Our study found that over 50 percent of students quit for reasons beyond the control of the instructor, or school owner.

A Quick Marketing Checkup
By Christopher Caile

Here is a quick, easy to use formula to see if you are spending your martial arts ad dollars wisely.

How To Handle Telephone Inquiries to Your Martial Arts School
By Christopher Caile

Inquiry phone calls about your school, classes and costs are a critical first step in any martial arts sales/marketing strategy.

Your Martial Arts Students Are Customers Too
By Christopher Caile

In today?s competitive market how well teachers and staff interact with students is a critical element in the success of any school.

Boosting Your Martial Arts School?s Income With Merchandise Sales
By Christopher Caile

If you are running a martial arts school, you can boost your bottom line by as much as twenty percent by selling merchandise to your students.

The Business Side of Martial Arts: The Power of Spirit
By Christopher Caile

The teachers we remember, those we look up to and are inspired by, are those who energized us with their love of their art, the spirit by which they taught and by the words and stories that inspired us.

The Business Side Of Martial Arts
By Christopher Caile

If your martial arts facility isn?t immaculate, the poor impression given just might be enough to persuade a prospective student not to investigate further.

Sun Tzu?s ?Art of War? Interpreted For Business: Applying Budo Lessons To Your Martial Arts Business
By Jason Armstrong

Since many equate business to war the strategies of this famous Chinese general may be a useful guide to those who are running their own martal arts school.

Ten Commandments of Running a Successful Martial Arts Business
By Terry Bryan

It is a shame that more quality instructors don?t run successful operations and pass on quality martial arts instruction to the next generation. To do so, however, requires successful marketing and sales.

They Just Don't Get It
By Terry Bryan

In times of recession it makes no sense to cut back on service. This is especially true for those in the martial arts. Instead, your martial arts school or business should exceed in its customer service. Those that do are the ones most likely to continue to thrive.

Marketing Your Dojo: Part 1 - Know Yourself & Your Market
By Joshua M. Davis

There are many practical things you can do to grow your dojo or martial arts business. Here is how to start.

Marketing Your Dojo: Part 2 - Got a Web Site?
By Joshua M. Davis

If you have a web site it can be an important element in growing your dojo or martial arts business.

Marketing Your Dojo: Part 3 - Marketing Your Web Site
By Joshua M. Davis

So you have a website, you know your product, and your target market, and you?ve crafted your message. What now? Now you have to market your website. There are four areas of marketing in which you need to invest time.

Marketing Your Dojo: Part 4 - Traditional Marketing
By Joshua M. Davis

Traditional marketing should also be part of promoting your martial arts business. Here are a few ideas.

The Human Side Of Marketing and Student Retention for Martial Arts Schools
By Christopher Caile

If you are teaching or running a karate, taekwondo or kung fu school, the more you, or your staff build relationships, and maintain personal contact and ongoing communication with your students, former students and visitors, the better results you are going to see.

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