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Martial Arts Tales and Stories

(Soft Cover, 287 Pages)


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Kage - The Shadow
A Connor Burke Martial Arts Thriller

By John Donohue


This is the fourth in the Conner Burke martial arts thriller series written by John Donohue. In many ways I like this book the best.

In this thriller, Conner Burke, a martial arts expert and professor of Asian Studies, inadvertently gets caught between boarder smugglers, deadly Mexican Cartels and the US authorities, Burke himself being marked for death.  The action both in New York and Arizona also pulls in others  -- his brother and his brother's former partner, both retired cops, his teacher, his girl friend as well boarder authorities and secret US operatives -- as Burke is pulled further into the whirlwind of conflict and death. The novel is a great read, exciting and full of action in a tightly scripted plot.

(Read Christopher Caile's Review)

(272 pages, hardcover)

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A Martial Arts Thriller

By John Donohue


Martial artists will enjoy this book. This second stunning novel by John Donohue again plunges the reader into the world of martial arts, honor and competition between ancient lineages. Murder and intrigue quickly follow. Asian scholar, martial artist and student of the Japanese sword, Conner Burke gets drawn into a murder investigation when the police discover a link between the victim and a well known martial arts group run by a powerful teacher who has created a world wide organization. Donohue weaves together fast paced action within a greater exploration of samurai heritage. Also see Donohue’s first novel in this series, “Sensei,” available in’s Estore.

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(258 pages, hardcover)

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By John Donohue


This is a great martial arts novel, but it is much more than a well written exciting, nail-biting thriller. It also takes you into the inner world of the martial arts by an expert who is intimately connected to the arts of the classical sword, as well as judo and karate. The story pulls you into a narrowing vortex of murder and intrigue, a world of ritual, honor and revenge in which the hero must test his training against the ultimate fear -death. The book is a great read. It also is a portal into the intimate mind set, concepts, and philosophy of classical martial arts.

Read an excerpt from the book.

Read Christopher Caile's review.

(168 pages 8-1/2" x 11
228 illustrations, hardcover)


Tales of the Hermit Vol. 1
The Castle in the Rain, and
The Judge

by Oscar Ratti and Adele Westbrook

An original martial arts masterpiece and epic by two authors already famous for their books, "Aikido And The Dynamic Sphere," and "The Secrets Of The Samurai." This thick volume portrays the dramatic adventures and spiritual journey of a Western martial arts pilgrim in 1624, vividly illustrated with stunning, action images. -- of travel amongst various Asian warriors and his encounter with a mysterious group of mountain dwellers -- a pilgrimage that reveals spiritual lessons of life, death and destiny. Central are the mysterious groups own visions of creation, life and death, and spiritual balance as well as two tales revealed through secret scrolls that reveal two martial arts tales that explore the lessons of life, death and destiny.




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