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White Crane, Wing Chun &
Chinese Arts

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Length: Approximately one hour  
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White Crane Style:

Limited Distribution.
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Sifu Liu Chang'I is a twelfth generation family inheritor of Feeding Crane Kung Fu (White Crane)

A style which is believed influenced the development of Okinawan Karate  - including Goju-Ryu and much of Shorin-Ryu karate including Hohan Soken's White Crane karate. Sifu Liu is a practical, no-nonsense technician, not one wrapped in theory or philosophy. Don't expect low, deep stances, spectacular high kicks and gymnastics. If this is what you are looking for this is not your art. But what Feeding Crane lacks in grace it makes up for in brutal efficiency. Instead, this DVD explores Feeding Crane's combat and self-defense applications as well as several kata. In short, this DVD represents a time capsule of brutal old-time technique. As I watched Sifu Liu in action, I was reminded of many similar techniques in my karate and its kata - combinations or soft and hard techniques. If you are interested in  the roots of your karate, or applications found in your kata, this DVD will interest you.

(DVD, Approx. 40 Min.)


DVD $39.95
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Wooden Dummy
DVD & Book Combo


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Chan’s Kung Fu School Wing Chun Wooden Dummy
By Sifu Sam Chan

Hard To Find DVD–Not In Stores

For hundreds of years, the wooden dummy has been a perfect training tool for Chinese martial artists. The Wing Chun Mok Yan Jong is a unique invention designed specifically to enhance the skills of Wing Chun practitioners. This book (there is also a companion DVD on the Wooden Dummy) gives the most complete instruction to date to unlock the secrets of the Wing Chun Mok Yan Jong. The practice of the wooden dummy set refines and hones the techniques learned from the Sil Lim Tau, Chum Kiu, & Bil Gee forms. It also strengthens the power of the forearms, improves footwork & sinking energy, as well as refining the skills of Chi Sau.

This book includes:

1. The entire Mok Yan Jong set in seven sections.
2. Overview of complete principles and theories of the Mok Yan Jong set section by section.
3. Principles and combat applications for each single technique throughout all seven sections of the dummy set.
4. Wing Chun terminology in Cantonese.
5. Wooden Dummy construction plans.

Find out more about the Wooden Dummy book here.




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