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Wing Chun

(Soft Cover, illustrated)


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Wooden Dummy
Book & DVD Combo


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Wing Chun Wooden Dummy
By Sifu Sam Chan & Brad Groom

Hard To Find Text –Not In Stores

The idea for this book (there is also a companion DVD on the Wooden Dummy) was created by Sifu Chan when he served as interpreter for master Yip Man (the teacher of Bruce Lee and best known teacher of Wing Chun) during many of his seminars in both the US and Hong Kong. He also made notes of the most common questions students asked during these seminars and how Yip Man answered them. This experience gave Sifu Chan unique insight into wooden dummy theory and practice. He also conducted extensive research in the subject including visiting Yip Man’s sons in Hong Kong and other leading first generation students in China. This book combines this information with pictures and explanation of techniques. This publication is important, for it presents an authentic version of the wooden dummy practice as passed down through Yip Man. The wooden dummy (Wing Chun Mok Yan Jung) is a unique invention designed to teach concepts and to enhance skills from Wing Chun forms and to strengthen the forearms, footwork and sinking energy of the art.

This book includes:

1. The entire Mok Yan Jong set in seven sections.
2. Overview of complete principles and theories of the Mok Yan Jong set section by section.
3. Principles and combat applications for each single technique throughout all seven sections of the dummy set.
4. Wing Chun terminology in Cantonese.
5. Wooden Dummy construction plans.

Find out more about the Wooden Dummy DVD here.

(Paperback, 144 pages, illustrated with over 300 historical photos)


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Complete Wing Chun – The Definitive Guide ot Wing Chun’s History and Traditions
By Robert Chu, Rene Ritchie, and Y. Wu
Published by Tuttle Books

This book presents seldom seen information on many less known branches of Wing Chun that exist side by side with that of Yip Man’s style made famous with his Bruce Lee connection. Using hundreds of photos, the reader is given a side-by-side comparison of these arts. Each system outlined in its history, principles, basics and training methods. If you are interested in face-to-face combat, applications of movements, and self-defense, this book will be of interest. This book is written for the interested newcomer as well as a valuable resource for the long-time practitioner.




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