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Kata and Applications

The Complete
Six DVD Series

Complete Series $149.00
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Matsumura Seito Shorinryu:
Secrets Of Kata DVD Series

By Phillip Koeppel, 10th Dan,
Director of the United States Karate-Do Kai

Exclusive to

This DVD series focuses on the knowledge of kata -- the principles of body change to set up technique, body sticking and sinking, simultaneous striking, control of the opponent and vital points striking shown as part of kata applications. The technique is close-in and no-holds-barred. Especially interesting are the many old versions of kata, such as the Pinan series seen in one of their original forms. Included too are Koeppel’s own series of Gokui Waza, short kata-like exercises that summarize principles and applications taken from various kata.

Viewing these DVDs will open up a wealth of ideas and applications for viewers found in a wide variety of kata. Koeppel has 40 + years of karate experience under the tutelage of some of Okinawan great teachers including Fusei Kise, Yuichi Kuda and Kousai Nishihira– all inheritors of Hohan Soken’s White Crane influenced old-style karate system passed down from Bushi Matsumura, the great Okinawan master and fountainhead of Okinawan karate practice. Koeppel, unlike many other senior teachers, is very open and forthcoming, so viewers will learn a lot.

These DVDs were not originally produced for the general public. They were developed by Koeppel during a time when he faced a life threatening illness in order to preserve his legacy for senior students. They are crammed with applications and insights gathered over a lifetime of study – so much so that viewers will benefit by taking notes. These videos, however, are not for most beginners or for the casually interested. They also include association information.






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