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Samurai Images

Only a few left in this one time offer.

Samurai Woodblock Print Battle Scene is pleased to offer this stunning Samurai woodblock print battle scene created by the well known Japanese artist Utagawa Yoshitora (ca. 1840-1880).

Working from high resolution scans of the original three section woodblock prints, our technical staff was able to reconstruct damaged sections, re-constitute faded color while still maintaining the antique patina, and digitally align the three sections. The result is a spectacular action filled portrayal of Samurai in the midst of pitched battle.

This print is reproduced on special rice-like paper in high quality archival inks designed not to fade.

Museum Quality Reproduction.

Image size 11-1/4" by 22-1/4"
(28.57 x 56.51 cm)

Paper Size 13" x 24"
(33 x 61 cm)

(Plus $6 Shipping and handling within the US)

Detail Images:




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